AMS Accountancy Success Story & Why Choose AMS Accountancy?

AMS Accountancy

AMS was incorporated with the sole vision of empowering businesses by providing them with cutting-edge, trusted, best-in-practice accounting solutions. Over the years, we have established ourselves as a cost-effective partner of many businesses immaterial of their size and shape.

We realized that more and more services have moved to the online or digital environments, as the easiest and best way of accessing them, allowing individuals and businesses greater control over their data, their time, and their lives, whilst reducing the hassle associated with many tedious but essential admin tasks – Accountancy and financial advice is no different.

AMS provides full-service accountancy, bookkeeping, tax, and payroll services for small businesses, contractors, freelancers, and other self-employed individuals, using a bespoke online system and communicating with our clients via phone and email. What makes us different is tailor-made solutions for any business that we engage with.
AMS Expert, professional advice, and excellent customer service, available through a variety of modern communication tools, combined with the ease of access, improved control and visibility, additional functionality, and value-for-money pricing available online, makes this the obvious choice and one more and more people are making.
We´ll produce and file your accounts; we´ll provide easy-to-use software to keep your records, manage your finances, and invoice your customers; we´ll calculate all your taxes and file all your returns; and we´ll help you structure things to minimize the amount of tax you pay. We´re happy dealing with limited companies and sole traders.

Our success lies in your success. We have helped many businesses manage their accounts and have been the backbone of their success. We have dealt with the usual problems in versions and after so many years, we practically have dealt with any problem that you may encounter, not today but even in the future.
Why wait? Why delay? We are always open to listening to you. Our initial consultancy does not attract any charges; we are there to serve your business, help your business grow, and be a silent partner who is handling your accounts and meeting any other financial, tax, or regulatory issues.

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Why choose AMS Accountancy?

  • We are dedicated small business and self-employed individual specialists, not a traditional accountancy firm “dipping its toe in the water”. All our clients are our priority; they all pay us approximately the same fee and because of our systems, we can give them all a tailored and high-quality service. We don´t prioritize our time and attention to “big business” clients, as tends to happen with traditional firms.
  • You can access our professional accountants by phone, email, and Skype, when it suits you, all year round, not only at year-end or when there´s room in the diary. No appointment is necessary and you don´t have to trek to the office.
  • Our software is bespoke and designed to suit small businesses employing just one or a few people and to minimize the work you do; not a complex, off-the-shelf package. It´s very easy to use and gives you one system to stay on top of all of your financial, accounting, and tax records, doing away with the need for extra paperwork and numerous spreadsheets – be more organized with less effort.
  • We focus on minimizing tax, for small businesses specifically, and on setting up your business to maximize the amount you take home.
  • You speak to an accountant when you contact us, not a “customer services operative” who will pass you from pillar to post.
  • We´re happy dealing with sole traders as well as limited companies.

Our Offerings

  • For Contractors & Consultants
    More often trading as a limited company, contractors need specific help and support when managing a business.
    Our accountants will help to ensure profit extraction is maximized and taxes minimized by providing tailored wage/dividend calculations whilst ensuring taxes are correctly accounted for.
    Tailored wage & dividend calculations + PAYE returns for up to 2 directors + IR35 advice and support
  • For Limited Companies
    Our limited company package provides a broad range of services to a broad range of business sectors.
    We can provide you with a tailored accountancy service based upon your business with our accountants knowledgeable in most sectors.
    Tailored wage & dividend calculations + PAYE returns for up to 2 directors + Sector-specific advice
  • For Sole Traders & Partnerships
    Our accountants will look after your business – from providing pro-active advice to completing your accounts and personal tax returns.
    Register for self-assessment + submit personal tax return + Regular tax efficiency check
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