Approaching the Future with AI: Skills, ChatGPT Generation, and ‘Crazy’ Leadership

the Future with AI

Hey there, loyal readers! Let’s dive into the latest buzz about artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023. We are approaching the Future with AI: Skills, ChatGPT Generation, and ‘Crazy’ Leadership.

Imagine a world where AI is smart and capable of creating creative content. There’s this AI type called ChatGPT that can generate everything, from stories to images. It’s like having a personal creative assistant, right? This AI can do it all, like a friend who always has creative ideas up their sleeve!

And guess what? This generative AI isn’t messing around. It can handle complex computational tasks, like recognizing images, understanding human language, and even translating. Convenient, huh? So, it’s safe to say that generative AI will be our loyal companion in solving future problems.

Now, Udemy recently released a fascinating report. They discussed three crucial things we’ll need to embrace the future: skills, generative AI, and leadership. So, skills are super important to bridge the gap, especially with advancing technology. Udemy also mentioned that many companies are seriously investing in training employees in generative AI. They mean business, no kidding!

This generative AI, my friends, is predicted to replace up to 23 million jobs in Indonesia by 2030! It seems like it’s time for us to start learning from our AI buddy. Udemy mentioned that courses related to AI increased by a whopping 60% in the last year. Even participants in ChatGPT courses increased by 4,419% in the first quarter of this year. Well, seems like AI is on the rise!

But wait, there’s more! Now, skills that we used to think were essential aren’t as crucial. Every job requires more skills than just a degree or work experience. So, companies are now more focused on building and honing their employees’ skills. Udemy’s data shows that there are about 10 million new learning opportunities with over 134 million courses taken in the last 12 months. The smarter, the more competitive, approximately.

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Oh, Udemy also compiled a list of ten skills that are currently trending and need mastering for 2024. There’s ChatGPT from Open AI, environmental, social, and governance (ESG), Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer certification, behavioral economics, advertising strategy, and many more. So, don’t fall behind!

Besides skills, leadership turns out to be a super important aspect too. Especially now, with jobs not being the same old routine, a hybrid work system, generative AI joining the party, and skill gaps widening. Udemy let us know that investments in leadership development keep increasing. Particularly for coaching courses, there’s a whopping 177% increase year over year. Managers and leadership teams are busy learning how to strategize in this increasingly advanced era.

So, my friends, are we ready to embrace a future filled with AI and technology? Let’s learn together, so we don’t miss the fast train of changing times! See you in the next article, and always sprinkle a bit of humor into every step we take forward!

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