Augusta University Online Welcomes Corey Vigdor as Assistant Vice President for Online Education

Augusta University Online

Augusta University Online, under the leadership of Associate Provost and Dean Dr. Marc Austin, is pleased to announce the addition of Corey Vigdor to its team as the new assistant vice president for online education. With his extensive experience in online learning and a proven track record of success, Vigdor is set to contribute significantly to the growth and enhancement of the online education initiative at Augusta University.

Dr. Austin expressed his enthusiasm for Vigdor’s appointment, highlighting his unique blend of operational expertise and teaching skills that make him an excellent fit for the role. “Corey’s passion for prioritizing student success is evident in his approach, and his dedication to online learning is commendable,” Austin emphasized. He further highlighted the recognition of Corey’s programs by Newsweek, ranking among the top in the nation for student satisfaction.

Excited about the opportunity to join the team at Augusta University, Corey Vigdor shared his eagerness to collaborate with Dr. Austin and contribute to the advancement of innovative and high-quality learning experiences for the university community. He expressed his admiration for the commitment to online education demonstrated by the university’s staff during the hiring process.

With a remarkable career spanning 30 years in higher education, including 20 years focusing directly on online learning, Vigdor brings a wealth of experience to his new role. His expertise encompasses various aspects of program development, instructional design, faculty training, accreditation, technology integration, and instructional strategies.

Before joining Augusta University Online, Vigdor made significant contributions at Kean University in New Jersey, where he spent eight years, including his tenure as the dean of the school of online education. Under his leadership, Kean University’s online programs garnered prestigious national and state rankings, showcasing the institution’s excellence in various fields.

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Vigdor’s accomplishments at Kean University included the establishment of a robust, award-winning online program offering over 20 programs that attracted students from across the United States and internationally. Notably, the program received accolades in fields such as Biology, Criminal Justice, Human Resources Management, Accounting, and Nursing.

During his time at Kean University, Vigdor played a pivotal role in generating significant revenue from online course enrollments and spearheaded extensive faculty training initiatives in online pedagogy and technology. His leadership also led to the organization of multiple university-wide professional development conferences, contributing to the overall growth and success of the institution’s online education programs.

Before his tenure at Kean University, Vigdor held key positions at Hudson County Community College, DeVry University, The College Board, and Saint Peter’s University, further solidifying his expertise and contributions to the field of online education.

As Augusta University Online continues to make strides in its development, Dr. Austin encourages the university community, including faculty, staff, and current and prospective students, to actively engage with the initiative’s progress. The platform’s “Ask a Question” section serves as a valuable avenue for individuals to provide feedback and contribute to the shaping of Augusta University Online’s future, fostering an inclusive and collaborative approach to its development.

Driven by the university’s newly launched strategic plan, “Creating a Legacy Like No Other,” Dr. Austin and his team are dedicated to building a robust infrastructure and fostering an enriching student experience, positioning Augusta University as a leading institution in the realm of online education.

As the initiative progresses, Augusta University Online is poised to provide a comprehensive and accessible online education platform that caters to the diverse needs of students, offering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. With Vigdor’s wealth of experience and Dr. Austin’s visionary leadership, the university is poised to achieve new milestones and establish itself as a pioneer in online education. Through collaborative efforts and a student-centric approach, Augusta University Online is set to leave a lasting impact in the field of higher education, shaping the future of online learning and academic excellence.

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