The fateful Republican primary is less than a week away. Candidates for office just filed their last campaign finance report. Here is a breakdown of how much money each Iron County Republican candidate raised and how they spent the cash. 

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Senate District 28 

This race is between a veteran politician, Sen. Evan Vickers, and a political newcomer, Patrick Larson. And the difference between the two can be seen through the massive differences in their campaign finance reports. 

The Republican candidates for Senate District 28, Patrick Larson (left) and Evan Vickers (right), meet at Southern Utah University to participate in a primary debate, June 13, 2022.

Vickers, who is the Senate Majority Leader, has raised nearly a quarter of a million for this election and Larson has just over $2,000. 

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In total, Vickers has received just over $230,000 in contributions for this election, although $130,00 of that has come from transfers from past campaign funds during the last time Vickers was up for re-election in 2018, according to his campaign finance reports.