Burnout in the Accounting Industry: A Deep Dive into FloQast Survey Results


The demands of the accounting industry have long been known to impose significant stress on professionals, leading to burnout, a prevalent issue that often goes unaddressed. FloQast, a leading provider of accounting workflow automation software, recently unveiled the results of its comprehensive survey, shedding light on the extent of burnout within the accounting sector. The survey, conducted in collaboration with the University of Georgia’s Consumer Analytics program, highlights critical insights into the challenges faced by today’s accountants and offers potential solutions to combat burnout effectively.

The Extent of Burnout in the Accounting Sector

FloQast’s survey, conducted in March 2022, drew responses from 204 accounting and finance professionals of varying experience levels and representing companies of different sizes and IPO statuses. Utilizing the Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), a leading measure of burnout validated by extensive research, the survey assessed participants on a 100-point scale, focusing on three key areas of burnout: Emotional Exhaustion (EE), Depersonalization (DP), and a low sense of Personal Accomplishment (PA).

The findings were striking, revealing that an overwhelming 99% of accountants experienced some level of burnout, with an average score of 47 points. Moreover, more than half of the respondents reported medium-high or high levels of burnout, emphasizing the severity of the issue within the industry. The survey also highlighted the correlation between burnout scores and the disruption of accountants’ personal lives during the financial close, as well as their confidence in the accuracy of the process.

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Identifying Solutions for Overcoming Burnout

In response to the alarming findings, FloQast’s study outlined key components that could contribute to the modernization of the closing process and alleviate burnout among accounting professionals. These components include the introduction of integrated solutions, improved training processes for existing tools, and a reduction in the overall number of tools used. The survey revealed that the presence of integrated solutions led to a significant reduction in burnout scores, underlining the importance of streamlining processes for accountants.

Path to a Sustainable and Collaborative Future

Acknowledging the persistent nature of burnout in the accounting sector, FloQast remains dedicated to driving positive change and fostering an environment that prioritizes the well-being and efficiency of accounting professionals. By continuing its research initiatives throughout 2022 and beyond, FloQast aims to offer comprehensive insights into the challenges within the accounting field, accompanied by practical recommendations for best practices.

Webinar and Additional Resources

To further delve into the survey results and discuss potential solutions, FloQast will be hosting a webinar on August 10, featuring prominent industry experts. The webinar will offer a platform for in-depth analysis and meaningful discussions on the impact of burnout in the accounting sector. Additionally, FloQast has made an eBook with detailed survey results available on its website, along with resources for managing burnout among accountants.


As a company founded by accountants, FloQast is uniquely positioned to understand and address the challenges faced by accounting professionals. By advocating for the modernization of accounting processes and prioritizing employee well-being, FloQast continues to pave the way for a more sustainable and collaborative future in the accounting industry.

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About FloQast

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