How to Check Free Backlinks

How to Check Free Backlinks

is a topic that is sought after by some digital marketers. This is given that the trend of digital marketing is increasing at this time. Including in the field of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The existence of backlinks in the scope of SEO is one important aspect that deserves attention. Backlink itself is the process of linking a link on a website. In other words, backlinks are part of off-page SEO.

Broadly speaking, backlinks are very useful to support a website to be on the top page of search engines. The higher the backlink value a website has, the better the popularity it gets. That way, the visibility of the website will be better and be able to bring in greater opportunities for organic traffic.

As explained by Tiyo Avianto in the book Tricks to Make Websites & Blogs No. 1 on Google, the presence of backlinks is also able to increase Search Engine Result Pages or SERP. Not only that, backlinks are also useful to make it easier for websites to be indexed in search engines. That is why, checking backlinks is a process that cannot be missed. To find out more about how to check free backlinks, see the full explanation below.

How to Check Free Backlinks

There are many platforms and tools that make it easy to check backlinks for free. Most SEO tools offer subscription packages to access the features in them. However, you can still access several websites to check backlinks for free. One of them is the Backlink Monitor website. Quoted from the official page, Monitor Backlinks is a free SEO tool that allows you to check 300 backlinks from any domain.

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Through Backlinks Monitor, you can check the backlinks of your personal website or the backlinks of competitors’ websites. For the first method, you can follow the free backlink check method through the Backlink Monitor below.
How to Check Free Backlinks Through Backlink Monitor

Here’s how to check backlinks for free via Backlink Monitor:

1. Visit the Backlink Monitor page

Visit the Monitor Backlink website at

2. Enter the website link

Next, enter the link to your personal website or competitor’s website in the column provided.

3. Check backlinks

Then, click ‘Check’ and wait for the Backlink Monitor tool to process the previously entered link.

4. A list of backlinks will be displayed

After that, Backlink Monitor will display all the links that point to the websites that have been checked.

5. Done

The process of checking free backlinks through the Backlink Monitor has been successfully carried out. You can further analyze the backlinks listed. Besides Monitor Backlink, there are many best platforms and tools that you can try such as Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, and many others. The platform provides a free trial and you can subscribe afterward. That’s how to check backlinks for free that you can practice. Hopefully, the information above is useful, and good luck!

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