Have you tried everything and still aren’t getting the sales leads. Despite having a fantastic marketing plan and flawless high-quality content, your leads aren’t qualifying? Well, the lack of a wrong outward marketing plan might be the reason behind the failure. Outbound marketing can make the difference you were looking for to make your business successful. Outbound marketing is a technique through which businesses cast a wide net in the hopes of attracting clients by pushing messages without knowing if the clients wish to do so.

Here’s how you can get the right business leads by employing the right outbound marketing techniques so that your marketing doesn’t fall behind the rest of your business.

Make your data clean:

You need to update and clean your data frequently if you’re serious about your revenue; else, your business will be wasting much of its revenue, said Malhar Lakdawala, Co-founder of Leadzen.ai.

Cold Calling

Cold calling remains one of the most important outbound marketing techniques. It’s among the best outbound marketing strategies. According to a HubSpot research, customers are open to receiving calls from suppliers if they have something worthwhile to offer.

You can use this as an opportunity to speak with the company owner face-to-face and convince him that they need your goods or services.

Cold Email

Every B2B organisation experiments with the high-ROI outbound approach of cold email. You can create a list of prospects with having verified email ids in just a few clicks and market to hundreds of thousands of people by sending a cold email at any hour of the day.

Success depends on the prospect reading and responding to the email. By utilizing automation technologies, you can enhance your efforts and reach a large number of prospects without spending a lot of money.


B2B marketers frequently use LinkedIn as a social media outlet to produce worthwhile leads. Because most of your B2B clients are on LinkedIn, it’s a wonderful place to connect with them, with no expense per lead.

LinkedIn enables you to perform actions like sending introductory and follow-up messages to prospects and connection request to influential people. But be mindful of their limitations!

Now you can even get a headstart in your LinkedIn campaign where you can take help of google chrome extensions like leadzen and import prospects into your database with just a single click. You can later export this bulk data into CSV or XML file without any extra cost.

Direct Advertising

The act of communicating an offer directly to a pre-selected customer and providing them with a means of responding directly is known as direct marketing. It is sometimes referred to as direct response marketing among practitioners.

Advertising is a form of mass messaging. Toll-free phone numbers, reply cards, envelope-mailable reply forms, websites, and email addresses are all examples of response methods.

Direct advertising is the most common and efficient way for Outbound marketing.


B2B outbound lead generation might be challenging overall because there are so few efficient marketing techniques available. However, it shouldn’t be ignored in your marketing strategy.

To receive the most exposure, your marketing strategy should use a variety of marketing techniques, such as outbound and inbound marketing.

Outbound can develop into a very cost-effective and targeted marketing strategy, especially if you are in a highly competitive industry where inbound requires high costs.

To overcome all the challenges of generating the right leads, Leadzen.ai’s Malhar Lakdawala advises that initially, you could face trouble identifying and turning leads into clients. But to overcome thi, you need to find the right platform that makes prospecting not just simple but also intelligent and enables brands to expand their reach while narrowing down prospects.