MoveRich (MVRC) Debuts on LBank Exchange: A Fitness and Environmental Solution

MoveRich (MVRC)

LBank Trade, a globally recognized digital asset trading platform, proudly listed MoveRich (MVRC) on June 24, 2022. This exciting development now allows all LBank Trade users to officially engage in trading the MVRC/USDT trading pair.

Introducing MoveRich

MoveRich is a pioneering initiative designed to improve human well-being and address critical environmental challenges. It provides a compelling incentive for individuals to engage in physical activity while simultaneously earning significant rewards and contributing to environmental preservation. MoveRich aims to achieve this by rewarding users through its native token, MVRC, which has now been listed on LBank Exchange at 17:00 (UTC+8) on June 24, 2022, expanding its global presence and supporting its vision.

MoveRich operates on a three-tiered ecosystem, consisting of users, service providers, and institutional carbon-neutral organizations. Each category participates in the MoveRich ecosystem differently:

  1. Users: Individuals can earn substantial rewards by engaging in daily physical activities, thereby contributing to environmental protection. Their exercise routines are tracked and converted into contribution points through the MoveRich app, with users receiving immediate rewards.
  2. Service Providers: Companies can enter into long-term partnerships to advertise their products on the MoveRich app. To promote customer loyalty, the MoveRich Foundation issues electronic gift certificates, allowing users to purchase sportswear products from partner companies without additional advertising costs.
  3. Carbon-Neutral Institutions: These institutions utilize MoveRich coins earned by users during exercise to purchase carbon credits. This innovative approach transforms the sweat shed during workouts into valuable financial assets that contribute to combating global climate change.

MoveRich’s blockchain-based system, built on the Ethereum blockchain, ensures the transparent and secure recording of all user activities, eliminating data loss or forgery. It also enables efficient reward distribution to every node within the ecosystem.

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About MVRC Token

MVRC serves as the native token of the MoveRich project. Its design centers on user rewards, emphasizing corporate development and profit distribution among participants. Key details about MVRC token allocation include:

  • Total Supply: 300 million tokens (300,000,000)
  • Token Allocation:
    • Token Sale: 20%
    • Staking: 20%
    • Global Environmental Regulation Legal Expenses: 20%
    • Rewards: 10%
    • Sportswear Companies Advertising Expenses Payment: 10%
    • Carbon-Neutral Institution Business Expenses Payment: 10%
    • Community Allocation: 10%

The MVRC token was officially listed on the LBank Exchange at 17:00 (UTC+8) on June 24, 2022. This listing provides an opportunity for investors interested in the MoveRich project to seamlessly trade MVRC on the LBank Exchange.

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