Debra Kosinski Appointed Assistant Superintendent for Business by New Paltz Board of Education

Assistant Superintendent

The New Paltz Board of Education has named Debra Kosinski as the new Assistant Superintendent for Business within the district. The decision was reached during a July 6 Board meeting, following a recommendation put forth by Interim Superintendent Dr. Bernard Josefsberg. Debra Kosinski officially assumed her new role on July 7.

Assistant Superintendent
Debra Kosinski

A Stalwart in Educational Administration

Debra Kosinski, a Wallkill resident, boasts an impressive background in educational administration. She brings to the table a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to enhancing the educational landscape in New Paltz. Her journey in education has been marked by dedication and a focus on financial prudence.

Three Years of Excellence

Debra Kosinski has been serving as the treasurer in the New Paltz Business Office for the past three years. During this time, she has showcased her financial acumen and ability to manage the fiscal aspects of the district effectively. Her role as treasurer was a vital one, as she was responsible for overseeing financial transactions, budget allocations, and financial planning.

A Crucial Contribution

One of the significant highlights of Debra Kosinski’s career was her pivotal role in the spring of this year when she took on the added responsibility of the school business administrator. This was a critical period as it involved the formulation and presentation of the 2022-2023 school budget proposal to voters in May. Her unwavering commitment and financial expertise played a vital role in this process, which ultimately culminated in the proposal being passed with an impressive 74% approval rate.

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A Local Scholar’s Journey

Debra Kosinski’s academic foundation is deeply rooted in the local community. She is a product of the State University of New York at New Paltz, where she pursued her higher education. Her qualifications include a master’s degree and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Administration, both of which she earned with distinction. Additionally, she holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, further underscoring her financial expertise. Her journey through academia began with an associate’s degree in Accounting from SUNY Ulster, laying the groundwork for her subsequent educational achievements.

Homecoming to New Paltz

Returning to New Paltz after her educational pursuits, Debra Kosinski embarked on a career in educational administration that would span several decades. Her commitment to her hometown and its educational institutions is truly commendable. She is also a proud graduate of New Paltz High School, making her journey in education a homegrown success story.

A Vision for Financial Responsibility

As she steps into her new role as Assistant Superintendent for Business, Debra Kosinski has articulated her primary objective: to establish “fiscally responsible” budgets. This vision encompasses not only ensuring the financial stability of the district but also providing a broad spectrum of educational programs and opportunities for New Paltz students. Kosinski’s approach reflects a nuanced understanding of the delicate balance between responsible financial management and the delivery of quality education.

The Board’s Appreciation

Debra Kosinski’s appointment has been met with enthusiasm and appreciation from the New Paltz Board of Education. Board President Bianca Tanis commended Kosinski for her diligent efforts during the 2022-2023 budget development process. This process was marked by various challenges, including the need to address community concerns and garner support for the proposed budget. Kosinski played a pivotal role in crafting a budget that not only aligned with the district’s financial goals but also resonated with the local community. Her commitment to transparency and her ability to communicate complex financial matters in an accessible manner were instrumental in this achievement.

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A Multi-Faceted Role

As Assistant Superintendent for Business, Debra Kosinski will be taking on a multi-faceted role within the district. Her responsibilities will extend beyond budget management to encompass a range of financial and administrative functions. Key among these responsibilities will be the identification of cost-saving strategies, a critical aspect of ensuring the district’s long-term fiscal health. Kosinski will be tasked with evaluating existing financial processes, exploring opportunities for streamlining operations, and implementing efficient financial practices.

Balancing Fiscal Prudence and Educational Excellence

One of the fundamental challenges in educational administration is striking a balance between fiscal prudence and the delivery of educational excellence. Debra Kosinski’s extensive experience equips her with the insights needed to navigate this delicate equilibrium successfully. Her commitment to prioritizing programming and support for students while maintaining fiscal responsibility underscores her dedication to fostering a thriving educational environment in New Paltz.

A Promising Future

Debra Kosinski’s appointment as Assistant Superintendent for Business is poised to bring fresh perspectives and financial expertise to the New Paltz school district. Her comprehensive understanding of the district’s financial landscape positions her as a valuable asset in the pursuit of both short-term financial goals and the long-term sustainability of educational programs. By aligning fiscal responsibility with educational excellence, Kosinski aims to contribute significantly to the continued growth and success of New Paltz students.

Acknowledging Past Contributions

In addition to her role in financial management, Debra Kosinski has been recognized for her substantial contributions to the establishment of the District’s new Universal Pre-Kindergarten program. This program, scheduled to commence in September 2022, represents a significant step forward in expanding early education opportunities for young learners in the community. Kosinski’s dedication and hard work have played a pivotal role in bringing this initiative to fruition, further underscoring her commitment to enhancing educational access.

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Debra Kosinski’s appointment as Assistant Superintendent for Business signifies a new chapter in the educational journey of the New Paltz school district. With a strong focus on fiscal responsibility, a commitment to educational excellence, and a track record of achievements in financial administration, Kosinski is well-prepared to navigate the complexities of educational finance. As she takes on her multifaceted role, she brings with her a vision of a financially stable and academically thriving future for New Paltz students.

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