Nurturing Innovation and Research Excellence: Poole College’s Commitment to Faculty Advancement

Poole College's

The Faculty Research and Professional Development (FRPD) program stands as a testament to North Carolina State University’s unwavering commitment to fostering academic excellence and innovation. This program, a collaborative effort between NC State’s Office of Research and Innovation and its 10 academic colleges, plays a pivotal role in propelling cutting-edge research and scholarship. Its primary mission? To provide essential seed funding to individual investigators, catalyzing their pursuit of more substantial grants and awards from external agencies. In the year 2023, the Poole College of Management demonstrated its dedication to this mission by generously supporting nine grant awards, each amounting to $5,333.

This substantial investment in early-stage research endeavors, spearheaded by the distinguished faculty of Poole College, aligns seamlessly with the college’s strategic vision. At its core, this vision centers on attaining preeminence in research, scholarship, innovation, and collaboration. The Poole College of Management recognizes that to reach these lofty goals, a steadfast commitment to nurturing research at its inception is paramount.

Brian Thomas, the Director of Research Development and Advancement, underlines the significance of this investment. He notes, “For 2023, Poole’s contribution to the FRPD grant program exceeds $35,000. This commitment to supporting nascent research initiatives led by Poole faculty is pivotal in advancing the college’s strategic objectives. FRPD funding plays a direct role in empowering our faculty to create impactful research that resonates within academia, informs business practices, and influences policymakers.”

In celebrating the spirit of innovation and the pursuit of knowledge, we recognize the exceptional faculty members who have been honored as recipients of the FRPD grants in 2023. These individuals have demonstrated outstanding potential in their respective fields:

  1. Joe Brazel, Professor of Accounting: Researching the impact of developing versus inheriting data analytics on auditor skepticism.
  2. Heather Dretsch, Assistant Professor of Marketing: Exploring the fascinating realm of “Marketing Sensations.”
  3. Umut Dur, Associate Professor of Economics: Engaging in a multifaceted analysis aimed at improving major assignment procedures.
  4. Nathan Goldman, Assistant Professor of Accounting: Investigating the correlation between corporate commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and employee productivity.
  5. Daisoon Kim, Assistant Professor of Economics: Conducting an experimental study on global financial cycles.
  6. Melinda Morrill, Professor of Economics: Delving into the interactive effects of retiree health insurance and pensions on retirement timing.
  7. Thayer Morrill, Professor of Economics: Pioneering a new methodology for ranking outcomes in competitive processes.
  8. Rishika Rishika, Associate Professor of Marketing: Exploring the impact of daylight-saving time changes on consumers’ healthful consumption behavior.
  9. Michael Stanko, Associate Professor of Marketing: Investigating the optimal timing for crowdfunding innovation.
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These distinguished faculty members represent the very essence of the Poole College’s commitment to pioneering research and academic excellence. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation is a testament to the college’s enduring legacy of academic preeminence.

In conclusion, the Faculty Research and Professional Development program, generously supported by the Poole College of Management, exemplifies a profound dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and the advancement of academic excellence. As these faculty members embark on their research journeys, their work promises to not only enrich our understanding but also impact the realms of academia, business, and policymaking. The Poole College remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing innovation and research excellence, paving the way for a brighter and more insightful future.

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