Rev Up Your Marketing Strategy With Instagram’s Keyword

Instagram has introduced a new variation on its search, one in which marketers should consider as social media optimization, a complement to SEO.

Social media is increasingly a starting point for users online. So it should come as no surprise that searches on social media platforms have also increased.

With that in mind, Instagram has introduced a new variation on its search, which marketers should consider social media optimization, a complement to SEO.

Instagram Search By Keyword: The 3 Ways to Customer Nirvana

With Instagram search, the user speaks or types the query word in the search window on the app. Search was originally limited to profiles, hashtags and locations. With the introduction of keyword search last November, Instagram expanded the content that could be discovered. For example, creators of IGTV can be discovered much more easily using a keyword search when the person is not familiar with the creator’s hashtag, resulting in a larger audience for the IGTV creator.

For example, when I type Corvette I see the phrases “corvette stingray,” “corvette lifestyle” and “corvette restoration” among the results. If I select one of these phrases, profile images and videos appear, so clicking an image or video is a way to discover new profiles, which may lead to a new follower and a potential new customer.

This approach provides a couple of benefits. First, it changes the emphasis on the image alone to demonstrate a service or product. Second, it reveals ideas for popular keyword phrases among Instagram users. You can tailor content for what people are seeking on the platform.

corvette lifestyle

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